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Alabê Ôni is a group of  percussion songs, with African roots in its blood, culture and spirit, 

which has gathered to accrete the manifestations of the drums, music instruments played all 

over the South America’s South history. 

Alabê Ôni is, also, an expression came from Iorubá Language that means “Noble Drummer” 

or “The drum’s grandmaster” – and – first of all – the name is a tribute from the group’s 

musicians Richard Serraria, Pingo Borel, Mimmo Ferreira and Kako Xavier to the ancestry 

long taken out from Africa that resisted for centuries in distant lands.

The group works on the worth giving to the black ancestry manifestations throughout 

America Cone Sul, showing the Gaucho Afro-Uruguayan Candombe, the Oyó Ijexa Nation 

drumming, the Maçambique and the Quicumbi rhythms, always lead by the drums and 

Contact: +55(51)91047759 or 55(51)32424201
Email: serraria@gmail.com

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